Brittany Wagner


Brittany Wagner is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in Arizona who started working in the Applied Behavioral Analysis field in 2008 as a behavior technician. She instantly fell in love with the science of human behavior through the scope of ABA.

For years, Brittany has loved spending hours playing through therapy with kids and seeing the impossible become possible. Brittany’s key approach in her therapy sessions is that her clients are still kids first before any diagnosis.

She looks for ways to make sessions fun and full of play while still accomplishing goals. Having worked with many children on various levels of the Autism spectrum, she understands the wide range of struggles they may encounter that others take for granted.

She aims for a compassionate approach and looks for creative ways to work around triggers so they become less aversive for her clients. On victory day for any achievement, you can bet that Brittany will be there celebrating with you!